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Before you subscribe, you need to understand how this service works so that you are not disappointed and can get the most out of it.

This service relies on the initiation of positions at or near support, as opposed to one

that is looking to buy breakouts. We have found that this is the best way to minimize
losses and move on to better situations.

Our goal is to enter trades with a set $ value for the position (generally 6-8% of the
account) and then abide by our rules. The rules are simple, we have a 50% Down Rule
in which case you sell the position if it declines 50%, and the 100% Up Rule that
dictates a sale of half the position with a 100% gain to recoup our initial investment.

The most common reason for losses that force option traders to unsatisfactory results is
over-trading and failure to cut losses. Unless there are unusual situations (like earnings
or even general broad declines in the market) there is really no reason for a position to
go to zero.

The secondary reason is the same for options or stocks, or casino gambling, and that is
to overtrade.

Our program is designed to avoid those issues but it requires a commitment to stay with
the program for 4-6 months in order to avoid the inevitable drawdowns that occur in the
normal course of trading. These generally occur 2 or 3 times during any trading year,
but in the long run, our record stands on its own. While we have had only 1 quarterly
loss in the past 4 years, we have never had a losing year, and for that matter a year
with less than a profit of less than 67%. It is also essential to make ALL the trades,
since you never know which one will be a buyout or a move on positive news like
earnings or the awarding of a major contract.

Few investors can give the attention to trading that we do, and for that reason we have
developed a relationship with Global Trading to accept our orders and to execute them
for our clients. The cost ($70/month) is reasonable, but frankly, unless you are trading
$20,000 of initial equity, the fees and commissions can be a hindrance to profitable

We offer 2 distinct programs for trading, a $10,000 per unit options only and a $100,000
per unit Stocks and options plan. The larger size allows for both options and stocks, as
well as covered writing for both protection of longer-term positions and increased

I hope that this brief explanation makes clear out goals and conditions for you to profit.
If it suits you, welcome aboard…

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us for a full interview.

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